Until My Journey Ends….

I recently watched a video of  Jesús Adrián Romero and he was talking about how God never leaves us. He is always there. Especially in those seasons that are the hardest; when we are suffering the most. The reason we don’t always see that, is that we tend to look at all around us, at the circumstances, instead of up at our Lord. If we do look up, we see that not only is He there; He is closer than ever.

I think that is very true. I don’t know about you, but my first instinct is to look up. God is our Father. My father on earth was a good dad. If I had a problem, he was the first one I would think of calling. And he never turned me down. I remember once when I was a teen and had to be at church early. It was winter and the roads were slippery. I drove too fast and my car slid into Continue reading


A Heart that is Known

Ever since God first created He has sought a relationship with mankind. He wanted fellowship with us from the beginning. We certainly would have no hope of a friendship with Him if He didn’t first seek one with us. And He DID.

Deep breath, Katie. See, the greatest desire in me is to know God. And God makes that a reality. My greatest dream–real. I am unable to remain unchanged every time that passes through my mind. Thanks, God! I mean, no words to express my thanks here. I’m not capable of being near You so You made a way for me. You did all the work. Now that I’m near, I’m doing all I can to become more like You. Continue reading



I am a thinker. Most things, I really think through. I observe; I make an attempt to understand. I look at things from many perspectives. I do not just settle for what someone tells me. I wrestle with it awhile. Come to my own conclusions on the matter. Definitely hold things related to God up to what is written in the Bible. (Hmmm, question is, is there anything that is not related to God?) I do not immediately dismiss or accept something based solely on its source. (Two obvious exceptions to that: Clearly from God–immediate acceptance. Clearly from God’s enemy–immediate dismissal. Using Bible as basis for what is clearly God and/or His enemy.) I do not do this with a rebellious spirit or intent, I just feel the need to seek the truth for myself. Continue reading