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A Miracle

I am living a miracle right now. There has been a situation in my life where I had pretty much given up hope. We can have high hopes about something. Fresh unchallenged faith. But as time passes and we see no change, we get weary. Angry. Doubtful. Hurt. Bitter. Impatient. Ready to give up.

That was where I found myself awhile back. I was confused and weary. Doubting things would ever change. I was ready to shake my head and say, “I gave it my best” and toss in the towel. My friends would encourage me to hang in there, keep praying. Remind me that God had a plan. That I was in the middle of the story but that God’s ending would be good. Continue reading

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There are bugs and then there are BUGS!

Last year the management at our apartment posted notice that they were going to inspect for bed bugs. Before I get into all that, let me go back several months prior to that, right after we moved in. There was a notice outside our door that, in accordance with their ongoing commitment to providing us with a bug-free environment, they were going to come spray for any pesky insects the very next day. I remember it clearly. Our first week here, the exterminators knock and come in. Ask if we’ve noticed any bugs around. “No, but we just moved in.” They sprayed and asked again. Now, I’m starting to wonder, “Is there a bug problem here? Did we pick the wrong place?” Turns out that the apartment management very kindly has a company come in every three months or so to keep our apartments bug free. (And it works!) Continue reading