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By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

“That’s not very Christian.” Ever been hurt by a “Christian”? I’m talking deeply scarred.  I’ll put that word in parentheses because, if you have been, you may tend to say that word just a bit sarcastically. Roll your eyes even, perhaps. You may consider what they did or said, and think, “Well, that wasn’t very Christian.” I get it. I do. And, if I heard all about it, I’d likely hurt with you and think, “No, that certainly was not Christlike at all. But, Christian? Well, yeah, (sadly) that sounds like something a Christian could certainly do.” See, we Continue reading


Come, Lord Jesus

Are you ever in a place where you say, “Lord, don’t come back today because I’m not ready”? Not ready because you aren’t as close to God as you feel you should be? Or as you want to be? Or you aren’t wanting to change things in your life and don’t want to be “caught” there; you plan to change it sometime but you just aren’t ready yet? Continue reading