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A Miracle

I am living a miracle right now. There has been a situation in my life where I had pretty much given up hope. We can have high hopes about something. Fresh unchallenged faith. But as time passes and we see no change, we get weary. Angry. Doubtful. Hurt. Bitter. Impatient. Ready to give up.

That was where I found myself awhile back. I was confused and weary. Doubting things would ever change. I was ready to shake my head and say, “I gave it my best” and toss in the towel. My friends would encourage me to hang in there, keep praying. Remind me that God had a plan. That I was in the middle of the story but that God’s ending would be good. Continue reading

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By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

“That’s not very Christian.” Ever been hurt by a “Christian”? I’m talking deeply scarred.  I’ll put that word in parentheses because, if you have been, you may tend to say that word just a bit sarcastically. Roll your eyes even, perhaps. You may consider what they did or said, and think, “Well, that wasn’t very Christian.” I get it. I do. And, if I heard all about it, I’d likely hurt with you and think, “No, that certainly was not Christlike at all. But, Christian? Well, yeah, (sadly) that sounds like something a Christian could certainly do.” See, we Continue reading

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Ever Get Angry?

Ever get angry? I’ve been talking to God about something that has me feeling mighty angry right now. He asks me, “What are you angry about there, Katie?” My answer, “Well, not too pleased with decisions people have made. Furious about the way the devil has entangled them. The way he is destroying them (or attempting to). And, quite frankly, I’m angry at You, God. Not too impressed with Your apparent lack of movement. You promise things. It would be nice to actually see them.” Gulp. Whoa, there, Katie. You are angry with God? And you dare to express that? Trust me; I totally realize He is God. Oh, I do. And I’m pretty aware that I am just an itty bitty human. But I know that He intimately knows my heart and my thoughts. So, why would I care to be anything less than honest with Him? He already knows what is inside of me! I love Him desperately. If I could offer Continue reading

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A friend recently said to me when we were talking, “Katie’s back.” I know what she meant. She meant that basically she had noticed that I had been flopping around like a fish out of water for awhile; in a constant daze; not functioning really hardly at all…and that I seemed a bit more “with it” now. Agreed. That hazy Katie in an almost constant daze–she’s gone. In fact, I may have set a record for the shortest lap of the relay of this thing we call life. Baton was Continue reading

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Enjoy the Simple Things

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.      Proverbs 17:22

I am amused pretty easily. It really does not take much. I try to find enjoyment in simple things. Cute road sign. Corny joke. Few years back when my daughter was sick we happened upon a cartoon called Postman Pat. (Not to be confused with movie about him awhile back–haven’t seen it but sounded like they added stuff that took a little away from the wholesomeness of the show.) Anyway, as I shared with my class awhile back when they were teasing a kid who liked a certain cartoon–I am a grown-up who really likes Postman Pat. There is no shame here. Poor guy delivers packages for a living and every possible (ridiculous) thing goes wrong. I enjoy it. Theme song, my “go to” ringtone. (Makes me smile.) Continue reading