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Enjoy the Simple Things

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.      Proverbs 17:22

I am amused pretty easily. It really does not take much. I try to find enjoyment in simple things. Cute road sign. Corny joke. Few years back when my daughter was sick we happened upon a cartoon called Postman Pat. (Not to be confused with movie about him awhile back–haven’t seen it but sounded like they added stuff that took a little away from the wholesomeness of the show.) Anyway, as I shared with my class awhile back when they were teasing a kid who liked a certain cartoon–I am a grown-up who really likes Postman Pat. There is no shame here. Poor guy delivers packages for a living and every possible (ridiculous) thing goes wrong. I enjoy it. Theme song, my “go to” ringtone. (Makes me smile.) Continue reading

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There are bugs and then there are BUGS!

Last year the management at our apartment posted notice that they were going to inspect for bed bugs. Before I get into all that, let me go back several months prior to that, right after we moved in. There was a notice outside our door that, in accordance with their ongoing commitment to providing us with a bug-free environment, they were going to come spray for any pesky insects the very next day. I remember it clearly. Our first week here, the exterminators knock and come in. Ask if we’ve noticed any bugs around. “No, but we just moved in.” They sprayed and asked again. Now, I’m starting to wonder, “Is there a bug problem here? Did we pick the wrong place?” Turns out that the apartment management very kindly has a company come in every three months or so to keep our apartments bug free. (And it works!) Continue reading



So, I have always kind of had a “thing” for signs. I saw this on the way home from a trip to Omaha and I had to stop. Meet some of these common sense folk, possibly pick some up for myself. It’s not too far, I plan to stop there often. 🙂  Highly recommend a road trip if you live anywhere nearby. 😉

(If you are looking for Waldo, sorry, he’s not in this picture–that I’m aware of–there’s always tomorrow…)


Hamburg, Iowa