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Ever Get Angry?

Ever get angry? I’ve been talking to God about something that has me feeling mighty angry right now. He asks me, “What are you angry about there, Katie?” My answer, “Well, not too pleased with decisions people have made. Furious about the way the devil has entangled them. The way he is destroying them (or attempting to). And, quite frankly, I’m angry at You, God. Not too impressed with Your apparent lack of movement. You promise things. It would be nice to actually see them.” Gulp. Whoa, there, Katie. You are angry with God? And you dare to express that? Trust me; I totally realize He is God. Oh, I do. And I’m pretty aware that I am just an itty bitty human. But I know that He intimately knows my heart and my thoughts. So, why would I care to be anything less than honest with Him? He already knows what is inside of me! I love Him desperately. If I could offer Continue reading