You Can Do It The Hard Way

“You can do it the hard way. You go right ahead and do it the hard way. Sure.”

Those words were said to me awhile back in reference to my struggle against some things that God is doing in my life. They came from a gal I love dearly. I’m involved in a Women’s Group at church. We aren’t your typical “My life is perfect, I’m the perfect Christian lady, but would you look at her…” (eyebrows raised) group either. We’re more the “So, I’m a mess…and by the way, God’s way sure seems to suck right now, pass me some of that licorice” kind of group. Kleenex box pretty much has my name on it…although it does get passed around a bit. We are all different, with distinct personalities, a nice blend of different seasons of life, and varying opinions on any given topic. And yet, God has woven our hearts together in an incredible way that only He is capable of doing. I love each one of them with a fierce and loyal love, and I’m convinced they feel the same. It is a safe place to love God and live real life together (with all of its struggles and heartache). We pray for each other. We laugh. We cry. We love enough to speak truth to one another. I think Jesus’ words in John 13:34-35 have pretty much become reality in our group. I’m blessed beyond words to have them. Continue reading