I LOVE the Bible! I’m a fan of words. The Bible is a huge book of incredible words. But that’s not why I love it. I love it because it teaches me truth about God. Wow! He’s way more incredible and fascinating than I ever dreamed. I don’t for a minute believe I would understand it if I didn’t have God’s Spirit dwelling (yep, DWELLING!) inside of me. He opens my ears, eyes, and mind so I can actually hear and understand it more and more each day. Continue reading

Heart, Mind, Resolve

Dishwashers and Surrender

I’m going to be candid here…I started writing this morning after praying a bit. Here’s how that one started “I LOVE the Bible.” Now, I probably will finish writing that at some point…but God (kindly) led me in a different direction. And this new direction is a little different…um, it’s about struggling to, uh (tapping fingernails on table), about struggling to trust (cough) God. Yeaaahh. Can we please go back to how much I LOVE the Bible? PleaseContinue reading



A few months ago I was driving in the car thinking. My mind was on overdrive about my life right now. How complicated everything is. Thoughts/prayer to me are basically the same. He (God) knows my thoughts. Only He and I share them. Anyway, He said, “Katie, I want you to need Me.” Continue reading

God, Mind


When God asks us to let go of a person (parent, spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.)– maybe the type of relationship we had or planned to have with them, who we wished them to be, or what path we wished they would choose–and trust Him, I think there is only one possible way to do that. Or at least for me there is only one way–I must be convinced that God “has” them. Sometimes I think I’m pretty awesome and that they kind of need me too. Truth is…they don’t. Ouch! 😉 Because, apparently, I think quite highly of Continue reading


The Race

I consider the past 12 months to be among the hardest I’ve lived thus far. I probably haven’t felt this many tears trickle down my cheeks since my dad got sick and died 15 years ago. I don’t exactly have a death wish…but, boy, heaven sure sounds appealing. I’m growing quite weary of the struggles down here. Here’s something interesting–count how many times I have used the words “me”, “my”, “I”, or any other words referring to myself, in what I have written so far. That many? In only four sentences? Hmm. Continue reading