Calling upon my God

I get David. I get how one minute he is out there trusting God to take down a giant, and the next struggling with some pretty serious stuff. I get his pain and brokenness over his sin. I get his cries of desperation to God. I get his yearning for God’s presence. I get him calling his soul into submission when it was disturbed and beaten. I get his worshipping with ALL his might. I get his trust when all seemed hopeless. And, I get his struggle to trust when all seemed hopeless. I find such comfort and hope in the many real and raw things he said and sang.

I’m not sure I could live life without Psalms. (Will there be that book in heaven, God? Right, I think I’ll be good there regardless. 😉 )  I probably could never pick a favorite chapter or verse but I like Psalm 18 a whole lot. I love the picture of God’s response when David called upon Him; cried out for help. Pretty powerful stuff. Pretty powerful God. A God who does not ignore our cries. He “bows the heavens and comes down”. He sends from on high and takes us; He draws us out of many waters.  He rescues us from our strong enemy and from those who hate us. Because they are way too mighty for us.  He brings us out into a broad place; He rescues us. Why? Why does He do ALL that? “Because He delighted in me.” It’s far beyond me to understand how or why–but He delights in me. In you. In us.

That puts a smile on my face. That gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’m getting up. I’m going to spend my day calling on Him. Crying out His name. Then I’m waiting to watch for Him to come. I mean He’s already here…but I still want to see Him come. Then I’m closing my eyes until I feel Him lifting me out of the many waters swirling around me. Yanking me out of the way of my strong enemy and taking me to safety. And there I am going to bask in His delight over me. I’m going to let Him equip me with His strength. Make my way blameless. And He’s going to train me not just to fight one battle, but a full blown war. He will give me a shield. The shield of His salvation. Then words of praise will come pouring out of my mouth. Songs exalting my God, my Rock; I won’t be able to hold them in.

I think this day holds promise. And, you better believe, I’m going to do this all again tomorrow.



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