Pedestals. Why do we put people up on them? And when people put us up on one, why do we think we need to maintain our balance up there? And start acting a certain way? And fake it when we realize we can’t? My thinking is—let’s stop! We need to figure out how to respect and admire others without the use of a pedestal.

No pedestal for me. I love God. I choose Him and His way over my own desires or feelings of happiness. And, honestly, my life doesn’t have a whole lot of happiness at the moment. But I have invested a lot in people in my life. I’m aware that God has things He calls me to do–pray, love, and serve.  I refuse to toss those out the window in order to chase after my own happiness (which I feel is a fruitless chase anyway). I choose God. I choose obedience. I believe the Bible considers those things prerequisites of following God (a.k.a being a Christian). Now, let me tell you, I don’t always feel that way. I don’t always think that way. But I choose it anyway. And I have people in my life that help me. If you read my blog last week, I basically asked some friends to “pray” that God would do things my way because I didn’t want to change. Those kinds of thoughts are in me at times. I don’t run from them. I don’t hide them–I spit them out! Confess them to God; to people I trust. I have a certain friend, and we share brutally honest ugly stuff with each other. I mean, we get it all out. No tiptoeing around either…we just say it loud and clear. I share “ugly” with other people too, but with her, it ALL comes out. And we pray for each other. We check in with each other. Do you have a friend like that? You really should. If we are serious about loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength….if we want to bring Him glory…we need to be transparent and seek and accept accountability from others. We are human. Our very nature will entice us to act, think, and live as a sinful human. But it isn’t hopeless. (James 5:16; 1 Corinthians 10:13; Romans 8:31-39)

I have some incredible friends. Truly incredible. They are suffering and I mean suffering with a capital “S”. Yet, they are choosing God. They love Him. They choose Him and His way over anything else. Period. Sometimes “happy” and “Jesus” line up, but sometimes they don’t and you have to choose. These “Suffer-ers“–I think quite HIGHLY of them. In fact, in my eyes, it is a great honor that they would even glance my way. The fact that they not only “glanced” but also consider me a friend, well, that’s pretty overwhelming. That brings tears. These are people I would do anything for. Short of sinning–ANYTHING! They hold my DEEPEST respect.  But no pedestals for them either. I still expect them to be real people. Not someone who responded “this way” so now they fit “this mold”. No way! I know how it is…in two minutes they may FAIL at the very thing they just overcame. I just want to encourage them and love them. Support them as the waves knock them around. They aren’t alone here. We are all just real people. We do not attain a level where we no longer struggle. The ruler of this world is real. he doesn’t stop messing with us after awhile. he constantly bombards us. It’s pretty simple. We just need Jesus. He is our only hope for any kind of victory. And we NEED Him constantly. As long as satan has the world “under his rule”, we won’t get to the place where we figure it out and suddenly are immune to struggles, temptations, and sin. We NEED Jesus. He is our ONLY hope. Our strength. And, in Him, we find victory. (John 14:27-31; 16:33)

I’m thinking about driving around town and shattering all of the “pedestals” I see. Care to join me? Or, better yet, how about we all smash to smithereens the one that is nearest to us. Let’s just be humans. A living, breathing, real person. Let’s look at the person next to us in the same way. And let’s just love ’em anyway. Then let’s chase after Jesus with all we got.


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