Finding Rest

There is a situation in my life that is broken and needs to be fixed. (Ok, so there’s more than one…but a certain one has really been weighing me down.) It has been taunting me with pain, anxiety, even panic, actually, over figuring out how to fix it. Yesterday, God gently asked, “Katie, do you recall Me asking you to fix this?” I stopped my fretting long enough to think. Hmmm, well, waitHUH. No. Well, that’s a HUGE load lifted. 🙂

Does anyone else ever do these things? Seriously, it’s good to be able to just be like a little kid sometimes and let our Daddy take care of things. Of us. What? Not just sometimes…God offers to take care of us ALWAYS? I do believe you are right. I believe there are a couple of verses that may imply that. IMPLY? Come on…they totally say that and I for one would do well to remember it. And believe it!

If God has the number of the hairs on my head numbered, I’m pretty sure He could give me a grand total of just how long I have worried and fretted over things when I had reason no reason to do so. And it’s probably a number much higher than I can count. Well, I’m certainly not going to sit here and worry about that. (Ha!) But, wow, I’m sure I’ve missed out on a whole lot of peace and rest!

I’ve recently received an invitation to just sit on my Daddy’s lap and rest. I have two dads–both in heaven. (Thankfully, only one of them is still communicating with me! Hehe 😉 ) This “Daddy”, He rules the universe. He is in heaven and yet He is here too, something I’m not sure I will ever grasp. And being able to sit on His lap, snuggle in close, well that’s really something, isn’t it?! Resting does not mean I’m getting a free pass to snooze my life away. No, sir! He’s got some stuff for me to do. Sifting through my heart mostly. Cleaning it out. Healing some places that need to be healed. Growing my faith. Reminding me who I am in Him. Can you imagine a better place to do all that? Is there anywhere safer?

My broken situations? He will restore and fix as He wills. And, in the meantime, He will keep me busy…and safe.

Have you checked your mailbox today? I’d hurry out and take a peek inside, I do believe the same invitation was sent and delivered to your place…


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