I LOVE the Bible! I’m a fan of words. The Bible is a huge book of incredible words. But that’s not why I love it. I love it because it teaches me truth about God. Wow! He’s way more incredible and fascinating than I ever dreamed. I don’t for a minute believe I would understand it if I didn’t have God’s Spirit dwelling (yep, DWELLING!) inside of me. He opens my ears, eyes, and mind so I can actually hear and understand it more and more each day.

God, why would You write a book…for me? Why would You, being so holy, want to communicate with me?

There is an enemy, satan. he wants to take me out. Devour me. Destroy me. Steal every blessing and truth from me. Lead me away so he can watch me suffer a slow painful death…separated from God forever. And he’s sly. he doesn’t usually attack in real obvious ways…”Over here, Katie.” Nope. Have you ever seen a lion hunt and attack their prey? Bible compares him to a lion. he’s deceitful, he slinks around, sneaks up, twists things, confuses…and attacks. Some things he says, well, they sound pretty true. Sometimes he presents another option that I hadn’t considered. And, it doesn’t look too bad. Bible compares us to a flock of sheep. Hmm, let’s see…sheep versus a lion? I’m thinking we need a little help against this enemy. We need God’s Word to put it all in perspective. See, Jesus called satan the “strong man” and yet, He commanded that “strong man” to get away from His friends. I’d say “strong” is relative. There’s “strong” and then there’s STRONG!

Let’s dig into His Word. Obey. And watch the Lion of Judah kick this scrawny lion out of our life whenever he pops up!

satan accuses. But Jesus says, “Lies! he speaks lies…for Katie (insert your name) is found to be pure and righteous…because of My sacrifice and victory. She is Mine. No one is able to snatch her out of My hand.” When Jesus is your defense…there is absolutely no reason to be concerned. Just utterly captivated and longing for the day you get to see Him face to face, forever!

Thanks, Lord, for revealing truth. Thanks for saving me. Thanks for being my Defender.

(I refuse to capitalize satan’s name or any reference to him. he is a lowercase “thing” all the way.)


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