God, Mind


When God asks us to let go of a person (parent, spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, etc.)– maybe the type of relationship we had or planned to have with them, who we wished them to be, or what path we wished they would choose–and trust Him, I think there is only one possible way to do that. Or at least for me there is only one way–I must be convinced that God “has” them. Sometimes I think I’m pretty awesome and that they kind of need me too. Truth is…they don’t. Ouch! 😉 Because, apparently, I think quite highly of myself, God humbles me and reminds me to look up. He’s sufficient…without even a little of me. When I say I “must be convinced”, well, that sounds pretty demanding indeed, especially for a mere created being. Agreed. Absolutely! I’m just being real here. Regretfully, I approach Him in that very disrespectful way at times. But His presence, His kindness, they drop me to my knees pretty quickly. I recognize that He is God. Repent. Convinced. Not convinced because “I must be”; it has nothing to do with me. Everything to do with God. In God’s presence, nothing is demanded. In fact, all thoughts of “I” or “me”–they vanish! All are captivated by Him. (Now, do I re-word all I’ve written so far or leave a glimpse into the wild way my mind works? Eh, I’ll leave it.) A better way would be to say that when my eyes are properly fixed on God, I realize He “has” them. I need to obey and back off. 🙂

Now, people make their own decisions (possible slight theology debate with that wording…but I simply mean, I do not get to choose for them). When they make decisions that I’m not real comfortable with, or when I see them really struggling or suffering, it can be very tempting to think, “Yep, they definitely need me now”. Wow! I mean, WOW! (Slow learner.) I’m giggling a little as I write this. Written out it seems so obvious, but in the moment it sure doesn’t feel obvious (that they don’t).

I actually have several specific people in mind as I write this. Several people who do not need me. God has “inclined His ear” to them, has them “engraved on the palms of His hands”. He’s got them. Each of them. I’m backing away. I still care. I’ll still pray. But I trust God to be ALL they need. I trust God to work in His powerful and perfect way, extending His kindness, mercy, grace, and forgiveness whenever needed.

I lift my clenched fists, releasing those I have been holding there. Have Your way, Lord. I submit to Your authority. Accomplish Your will. You are worthy of all glory. You are the great I AM.

He’s got you.


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