Heart, Mind, Prayer

Just want You

Ok, Lord. Here we are. My heart, in Your presence. I’m here to bless You. Sometimes I just want to sit with You. I don’t want any THING, I just want YOU. I just want You. Just to be in Your presence. Just a glimpse into the glorious future You have prepared for me. Where we will be together–no hindrances. I am overwhelmed with emotions as the reality of You sinks in. Who You are, all You have done, all You offer. It’s way more than I understand and I…I lose track of my thoughts. My words–they’re gone. You are my favorite One. I love to be with You. There is no one I love more. The truth that I am acceptable to You because of all You freely gave–my depths cry out, “Draw near to me, if we can be close…please, come close.” Receive me…come be with me. I need You. I will do whatever You ask…let me touch Your heart; bless Your heart. There is nothing I desire more. Te anhelo….







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