Calling upon my God

I get David. I get how one minute he is out there trusting God to take down a giant, and the next struggling with some pretty serious stuff. I get his pain and brokenness over his sin. I get his cries of desperation to God. I get his yearning for God’s presence. I get him calling his soul into submission when it was disturbed and beaten. I get his worshipping with ALL his might. I get his trust when all seemed hopeless. And, I get his struggle to trust when all seemed hopeless. I find such comfort and hope in the many real and raw things he said and sang. Continue reading



Pedestals. Why do we put people up on them? And when people put us up on one, why do we think we need to maintain our balance up there? And start acting a certain way? And fake it when we realize we can’t? My thinking is—let’s stop! We need to figure out how to respect and admire others without the use of a pedestal. Continue reading

humor, Trust

There are bugs and then there are BUGS!

Last year the management at our apartment posted notice that they were going to inspect for bed bugs. Before I get into all that, let me go back several months prior to that, right after we moved in. There was a notice outside our door that, in accordance with their ongoing commitment to providing us with a bug-free environment, they were going to come spray for any pesky insects the very next day. I remember it clearly. Our first week here, the exterminators knock and come in. Ask if we’ve noticed any bugs around. “No, but we just moved in.” They sprayed and asked again. Now, I’m starting to wonder, “Is there a bug problem here? Did we pick the wrong place?” Turns out that the apartment management very kindly has a company come in every three months or so to keep our apartments bug free. (And it works!) Continue reading


Finding Rest

There is a situation in my life that is broken and needs to be fixed. (Ok, so there’s more than one…but a certain one has really been weighing me down.) It has been taunting me with pain, anxiety, even panic, actually, over figuring out how to fix it. Yesterday, God gently asked, “Katie, do you recall Me asking you to fix this?” I stopped my fretting long enough to think. Hmmm, well, waitHUH. No. Well, that’s a HUGE load lifted. 🙂 Continue reading