No One is Watching Us

I was walking our dog the other night. Two little boys ran over to pet her. (We live in an apartment complex.) When they were done one asked me, “Can we go play on that playground?” And pointed to one of the playgrounds. I answered, “Well, you need to ask your mom or whoever is watching you.” He looked at me with these big beautiful eyes and said, “No one is watching us.” He was probably five years old, the other boy smaller, maybe four. “No one is watching us.” The mother in me weeps. 

Oh, but there IS someone watching you. There most certainly is…

Reminds me of an incredible true story. At college during one of our first weekends they had a special conference for freshman. We had a speaker come and his message was about working through our past so we could start this new season in our lives. He talked about family, our upbringing, things along those lines. He prayed with us. I think some went to the front for prayer. One of my classmates started laughing and giggling uncontrollably when he was prayed for. This went on several minutes. The rest of us weren’t sure what to think. I grew up going to more conservative churches, but as I got older I was involved in some groups through some pretty charismatic churches. So, I had some experience with some crazy stuff going on during services. (I do not mean “crazy” in a negative tone here, just things that were hard to explain.) But the longer this went on we started feeling a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. I don’t really remember all the details here, it’s been so long, but either when he stopped that night or during the meeting the next day, he got up and shared with us. He was a quiet person but got up and spoke. He said that he had been abused and neglected growing up. And that the entire time he had been laughing uncontrollably, Jesus had been showing him right where He was during each time he had been hurt. I remember him talking about being pushed down stairs, or something along those lines, and He could see Jesus right there, so close. Jesus held him and walked him through all the hurts (or at least the major ones) and showed him just how near He was. And he laughed and giggled. He was experiencing such joy, he could not stop. Have you ever met someone with that experience? I wish I was still in contact with him. My recollections about this are pretty vague at this point. It’s been several years. I’d love to sit down with him now and hear him tell it again.

Precious little boys, Someone IS there watching. His eyes never leave you…

O Lord, You have searched me and known me!  You know when I sit down and when I rise up; You discern my thoughts from afar. Psalm 139:1-2


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