“Prayer is boring.”

“Prayer is boring.”

Ever heard any brave soul risk the “wrath” of God by muttering that phrase? 😉 Ever thought it in your heart?

The words “prayer” and “boring” do not belong in the same sentence. I certainly would never put them together in the same sentence. Are you smiling because I have already done that not once but three times since you started reading this? Good. That’s a good way to start thinking about prayer–with a smile. 🙂  If you struggle with prayer, or even with the idea of prayer, consider getting more familiar with the God to whom you are praying. Read His Word with the intent to understand Him. Who He says He is. What touches His heart. What He desires. What He teaches/reveals about prayer. What He thinks about you. And by simply asking Him every day, “Who are You? Teach me.” If you want to know Him, tell Him.

It’s tempting to tell you some details about my prayer time. But I think prayer is private. Wouldn’t you like to know what happened when Jesus went off to spend time with His Father? I would, but we don’t get many chances to read about that. Prayer is intimate. Of course, we pray with others too. That’s great and the Bible tells us to do that. But we need to pray alone too. Jesus modeled that for us.

There is only one person I have ever really prayed with without holding anything back like I do when I’m alone. Her nickname is Chepa Chiquita and she lives at a Home for kids in Guatemala, Hogar de Vida y Nutrición. I lived at her Home. My main “job” there was to pray/worship for the Home and the director. That was about 14 years ago. Talk about a dream job!! And I spent a lot of time in the back area seeking and worshipping God. I have some pretty incredible stories. Did you know that Ephesians 6:12 is true? No doubt in my mind about that! I’m sure many of the kids wondered what exactly I did back there. Chepa would sometimes come back to find out. She has special needs and understands things a little differently than we do. I think Noemy told the kids if the door was shut to not interrupt me…but Chepa didn’t understand that. She would just come on in and join me. 🙂  And she imitated me. Whatever I did, said, or sang, she tried to do. Even though it was usually in English and she didn’t speak or understand a word of it. 🙂 Pretty sweet memories. I am Facebook friends with some of my “family” from that Home. At least, they feel like family to me. Saludos!

Like all things related to God, prayer fascinates me. I cannot think of anything more exciting! I constantly wonder at the reality that Jesus calls me His friend. And that He allows me to spend as much time in His presence as I desire. And on this side of heaven. Wow! Unbelievable! I think you will find prayer to be pretty exciting too. You will (or already do) have “secrets” that just you and your Friend, Jesus, know. He satisfies. His presence will (should!) delight you. Press on if you are just starting out. Pretty soon “prayer” and “boring” won’t fit together in your mind either.


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