Until My Journey Ends….

I recently watched a video of  Jesús Adrián Romero and he was talking about how God never leaves us. He is always there. Especially in those seasons that are the hardest; when we are suffering the most. The reason we don’t always see that, is that we tend to look at all around us, at the circumstances, instead of up at our Lord. If we do look up, we see that not only is He there; He is closer than ever.

I think that is very true. I don’t know about you, but my first instinct is to look up. God is our Father. My father on earth was a good dad. If I had a problem, he was the first one I would think of calling. And he never turned me down. I remember once when I was a teen and had to be at church early. It was winter and the roads were slippery. I drove too fast and my car slid into the ditch. Happened very close to our house. My dad was at church already but my mom or sisters or someone was still at home so I called them from a neighbor’s house. They picked me up and took me home. I remember feeling anxious about telling my dad. See, I grew up in Iowa and I knew about driving on snowy, icy roads. It was my careless driving that put me in the ditch. I knew I should have driven slower but I didn’t. (If you have driven on slick roads you know that too fast can actually be quite slow. I wasn’t driving “fast” just too fast for the road conditions.) My dad was many things, but a super patient man was not really one of them. Especially when we “knew better“. So, I knew I had to tell him, but decided I was going to figure out how to get it out of the ditch myself. Call a tow truck and deal with it myself. That eased my mind a little; at least I wouldn’t have to ask him to get me out of this problem (since my actions caused it). After church, I told him. He wasn’t angry. He didn’t ask why I drove so carelessly; didn’t remind me that I knew better than to drive too fast. And when I tearfully told him he didn’t have to do anything, that I was going to figure out how to have it towed out of the ditch, he practically laughed (in a kind way) and said he would take care of it. And he did. He had the equipment/machinery to do it himself (probably made my brother go along to help–sorry, Nate). And I was able to just stay home in a warm house feeling very relieved. Once again assured that my dad loved me and would take care of me. Maybe that’s why my first instinct is to look up in the rough moments; I had a good example of a Dad. Maybe your dad wasn’t like that at all. But, your Heavenly “Dad” is. You really can trust Him. Next time, take a risk and look up. You aren’t all alone. He is near. Let Him assure you that He loves you and will take care of it. He will take care of you.  Then let your heart sing and worship Him without restraint.

“Mientras Viva” is a Marcos Vidal song that declares, “As long as I’m alive, the rocks will not cry out”. (translated) What about you? Gonna let any rocks cry out near you!? Not me! (Luke 19:37-40)

Below is one of “my songs” right now. Besides the beauty of the music and blend of voices, the message of the words echoes the yearning deep inside me. Expresses the intent of my heart hasta acabar mi viaje.

I’m not going to translate the entire song, just enough to give you an idea of its message (keep in mind translations, unfortunately, tend to interrupt the poetic flow of the words)…

Until I Finish My Journey (Hasta Acabar Mi Viaje)

Until arriving there where You are the sun
Until being conformed to Your good heart
Until falling down to kneel at Your feet, Lord
I will not stop, I will not give up

I will worship You, Jesus
I will sing of the cross
I will exalt You, Jesus
I will shine with Your light

Until my journey is over and I see You
Only You, my good Lord
I will worship You, until I see You
And always stay close to You, my God

Until my journey is over and I arrive there
Until I am clothed in immortality…

–Jesús Adrián Romero



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