Come, Lord Jesus

Are you ever in a place where you say, “Lord, don’t come back today because I’m not ready”? Not ready because you aren’t as close to God as you feel you should be? Or as you want to be? Or you aren’t wanting to change things in your life and don’t want to be “caught” there; you plan to change it sometime but you just aren’t ready yet?

There have been seasons of life when I have felt that way. But these days I am in the “Come quickly, Lord Jesus” camp. As a friend recently wrote “I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting weary of our fallen world”. Amen. I’m not giving up. I plan to finish strong. But with each sunrise my desire to be face to face with Jesus grows. And I guarantee the moment I see Him, I will race to His side. Nothing will keep me away! (It won’t be like walking through the markets in Guatemala where you have to be a little aggressive to move forward. I will be polite. 🙂 ) But I will get as close as I can, as quickly as I can. And there I will spend eternity. I cannot even begin to imagine the first time my eyes take in His beauty. I wonder if my eyes will lower immediately being overwhelmed at being in the actual presence of the One I have worshipped and loved for so long. If they do, I imagine His hand gently touching my chin and raising my head so our eyes can meet. He paid a high price so I would have that opportunity. The chance to be locked into His gaze forever, without shame. Aren’t you glad He says we get to live for eternity?! Once we are with Him like that, nothing less would do. Nothing less would do, Lord. Thanks for understanding us. Thanks for loving us so desperately. Thanks for writing it all down so we could know. Thanks for dwelling in us so we can learn and understand. “Thanks” doesn’t really work here. I speak two languages but I do not know a word powerful enough to express what we feel. Take our hearts, our time, our worship, our obedience and let them express our gratitude. Receive all of us–that’s all we got.

Come, Lord Jesus!



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